Hi, I'm Ivana!
As a Senior UI/UX Designer with a focus on AI-Enhanced Design and Scalable Systems, I specialize in creating intuitive digital interfaces that are both user-centric and adaptable for varying project requirements. My portfolio includes the development of streamlined design systems, a commitment to accessibility standards, and the delivery of versatile design solutions.
With experience in aiding over 15 startups and contributing to projects with extensive user bases, I bring a multidisciplinary approach to design. This involves integrating marketing insights and programming fundamentals into my workflow, ensuring a comprehensive strategy for optimizing user experience.
As a graduate of YC Startup School and a Mensa member, my skill set is continually refined through mentorship and ongoing professional development. I am motivated by the opportunity to elevate organizational performance through exceptional design. My objective is to assist organizations in the intricate process of digital modernization, with an unwavering focus on user-centric principles.

To see the full case studies of my work please reach me out directly!
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