Client Overview
Ortel Mobile is a major telecom operator in Germany, known for its extensive service offerings. They required a bespoke eShop that aligns with their corporate identity and functions seamlessly within digital platforms at newsstands.
Project Scope
Design a clean, easy-to-navigate eShop to be integrated into the platform used by newsstands, enhancing user experience and sales efficiency while adhering to Ortel Mobile's branding guidelines.
Integration Focus: Ensuring compatibility with diverse digital environments of newsstands.
User Experience: Simplifying navigation and checkout processes for quick and efficient user interactions.
Design Challenges
Developing an intuitive eShop that blends seamlessly with various newsstand platforms, maintaining brand consistency and operational reliability under high traffic conditions.
Design Strategy and Implementation
Clean and Simple Aesthetic: Followed Ortel Mobile’s corporate guidelines to create a minimalist design that focuses on user accessibility and streamlined shopping experience.
Responsive Design Collaboration: Worked closely with developers to ensure the eShop’s responsive design was flawlessly implemented across all devices.
User-Centric Features: Designed for clear product categorization, quick access to promotions, and an efficient checkout process that reduces user steps and speeds up transactions.
Tools and Technologies: Utilized Sketch for UI/UX design prototypes. Collaborative development was executed using a robust front-end framework to ensure responsiveness and maintainability.
Project Impact
This eShop has significantly enhanced the buying process for Ortel Mobile customers at newsstands, leading to improved user engagement and increased sales. The successful integration of the eShop supports Ortel Mobile’s objective to boost service accessibility and customer satisfaction, thus strengthening their market position.
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